Molly Thomas

I am a Health, Life, Medicare, and Supplements Broker.

Helping you find proper coverage!

Hi, I am Molly Thomas and  I do local events and seminars to educate clients about their options. I love getting to know each client personally so I may find the best plans to fit their needs. 

More About Me

Born and raised on the Eastern Shore, I moved to Baltimore in my early twenties to begin a new chapter of my life. Years later, I started working for the Ropewalk restaurant group and was given the opportunity to transfer back home to help open their Fenwick location. I thought my career would always be in restaurant management until the birth of my great niece, Mila. Holding her for the first time made me realize all the milestones and events I missed because of my work schedule. I reached out to my friend and insurance agent, Chris to discuss working with him as he was so helpful when I was struggling to understand my own health insurance options. He told me how rewarding it was and I couldn’t agree more. We consider ourselves educators first as most people are not aware of the complexity with health, Medicare, or even life Insurance. A few months after beginning my new career, I was diagnosed with Stage 0 breast cancer. This only strengthened my desire to help people because if I did not have the insurance protection I did, it would have been devastating financially. As an independent broker, I am licensed with multiple carriers to find the best plans for my clients. I genuinely enjoy getting to know them personally and developing a relationship with each one. I pride myself with handling each client as if they were my own family and have gone to bat for them whenever needed. If it is for the senior market, I am sure to educate them on all the possible options that are available and guide them to choose a plan that best suits their needs. I also focus on families and life insurance; most young families don’t plan for the what ifs, and it is my goal to aide them in those hard to discuss decisions. Overall, my passion for helping people has made this career change the best decision of my life!


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