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What is Individual, family, and group health insurance?

Individual health insurance plans can be tailored to fit your needs and the needs of your family. In addition to picking the plan that works best for you, you can add individual dental insurance and individual disability insurance.

Choosing the right health insurance for you and your family is an important decision. I understand, and I want you to feel confident in your choice. Let me help you find the insurance plan that’s right for you.

With employer-sponsored health insurance, your employer makes most of the decisions and presents you with one or more options; it’s convenient and usually cheaper than individual health insurance depending on what your employer contributes toward the premiums.

As you strike out on your new path, you’ll have an opportunity to choose your insurance company, plan design and level of coverage. And because it’s not tied to an employer, you can keep the insurance for as long as you want.

How do you do that? Simple, either go through or call me and found out the best possible options!

  • Get health insurance coverage for just yourself or the whole family.
  • You decide how much coverage you want and how much you want to spend.
  • Save money on doctor’s visits, prescription drugs, preventative care, and other healthcare services.


What is and when to choose Short-Term Health Insurance?

  • Designed to provide health coverage on a temporary basis.
  • Short-Term plans offer limited coverage at affordable prices.
  • Easy to enroll and can start in just a few days.

Short-term health insurance can be an affordable solution for those looking for health coverage during transitional periods in their lives.

Is short-term health insurance worth it?

Short-term health insurance can be a good option for individuals who are healthy and do not generally require health services or have regular prescription needs. Short-term health insurance is often worth it for those who want a health plan in case of emergency or need immediate coverage.

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Choosing a health insurance plan can be confusing! Call me today and learn all you want to know about health insurance and plans!


Every month, millions of travelers take international trips for vacation, business, study tours, or missionary travel. On these types of trips, your domestic insurance generally won’t cover you for any losses incurred, and may not reimburse you for medical expenses. This is why it’s so important to purchase international health insurance. International travel insurance provides the necessary coverage in the case of an emergency abroad, providing you the peace of mind during your time abroad.

Unlike trip insurance, which is solely for U.S. residents, international health insurance helps protect both U.S. residents and non-U.S. residents alike. If you are injured or contract an illness on foreign soil, international travel insurance can help lower costs related to medical treatment.

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